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Free email training program in affiliate marketing

6 month training program in affiliate marketing directly in the inbox 4-6 times per week. It’s completely free of charge to subscribe and uses the affiliate marketing business model to generate profit. Once or twice a week there’s a carefully selected affiliate product is promoted. Each promotion is recommended with unbiased opinions in relation to profit. It’s solely to help the subscribers succeed on their journey to success. 

Business Onliner

E-learning platform in online business and marketing

Comprehensive learning platform that teaches all aspects of an online business. You can learn how to build various kinds of online business models. Half of the more than 800 courses are step-by-step guides in online marketing strategies. The courses are in e-book and video format to accompany different learning styles. The platform also has training in personal development and business management.

Meditation Care

Blog with sales of digital meditation products

A blog that discusses meditation practices and teaches step-by-step how to meditate. There are also online sales of a digital product in the form of an online course in meditation. This can teach any beginners how to start meditating. The 1-hour course comes with 3 meditation practices you’ll learn in the training. Mindfulness is a vital part of any human being to thrive.

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