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Hald Media

Digital marketing agency with specialty in PPC marketing

My agency provides our clients success online through a 2 step process. First, build a strong online foundation with a powerful website that will convert visitors into customers. Lastly, we start generating new customers targeted with pay-per-click advertising campaigns. The traffic will come from the most popular websites globally, such as Google, Bing, YouTube,  Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

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Affiliate training platform with free email training program

6-month training program in affiliate marketing directly in the inbox 4-6 times per week. It’s completely free of charge to subscribe and uses the affiliate marketing business model to generate profit. Once or twice a week there’s a carefully selected affiliate product is promoted. Each promotion is recommended with unbiased opinions in relation to profit. It’s solely to help the subscribers succeed on their journey to success.

Business Onliner

E-learning platform in online business and marketing

A comprehensive learning platform that teaches all aspects of an online business. You can learn how to build various kinds of online business models. Half of the more than 800 courses are step-by-step guides in online marketing strategies. The courses are in e-book and video format to accompany different learning styles. The platform also has training in personal development and business management.

Meditation Care

Meditation blog for anyone who wants to start meditating

A blog that discusses meditation practices and teaches step-by-step how to meditate. There are also online sales of a digital product in the form of an online meditation course. This can teach any beginner how to start meditating. The 1-hour course comes with 3 meditation practices you’ll learn in training. Mindfulness is a vital part of any human being to thrive.

Manifestation Spot

Personal growth website with a focus on the law of attraction

This information website provides free resources on achieving success in all aspects of life through the law of attraction. You’ll find guides, gifts, reviews, articles, and more to help you get started. Subscribers will receive daily updates with valuable information to help them get a mindset that will attract success in anything from happiness and contentment to financial freedom and relationships.

My Affiliate Partners

Piano For All

Online classes to learn piano and keyboard from home

Learn how to play piano and keyboard from the comfort of your home. When you use this ingenious way of learning the cords, you’ll accelerate in no time even if you never tried playing before. Follow the step-by-step videos and learn how to play many different genres of music in record time. This is truly a smart way to learn how to play the piano.

Custom Keto Diet

Customized keto diet plans for healthy weight loss

Start your keto diet with a complete meal plan customized to your needs and food preferences. You can get a free overview of your keto diet and pay a small one-time fee for the complete meal plan that provides everything you need to start your keto diet.


Natural supplement that targets leptin resistance for weight loss 

This all-natural supplement is an easy way to eliminate leptin resistance to restore your body’s hormone balance. This will help you lose weight, restore joints, improve skin and general overall health of the body. The formula is combined with 20 natural supplements that are sourced from the best places worldwide.


Transform any text into speech with A.I based technology

The perfect software that transforms text into speech. In 3 steps, your text becomes a voiceover with 100% human voices created through A.I. technology. It works in 26 languages and comes with lots of features that make it sound natural. These include inflections, tones, and even kids’ voices.

Manifestation Magic

Powerful brainwave entrainment music for the law of attraction

Build a mindset that attracts success in any aspect of your life. When you use brainwave entrainment music, you will reach the theta state 4 times faster than through meditation. You’ll get music tracks for bedtime, daytime, and meditation. This will accelerate your journey with the law of attraction to work faster than you can believe.

Super Affiliate System

Complete training program by Super Affiliate John Crestani

The Super Affiliate System will guide you step-by-step through the entire process of affiliate marketing. 7-Figure super affiliate John Crestani shows you exactly how he’s earning millions of dollars every year with his simple 3 step process. I am one of John’s students and I can highly recommend this course. I’m using this system every day to generate up 4-figures per day.

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